Sundance Berlin is an astrological consulting practice and school for astrology in Berlin under the direction of Georg Stockhorst. You find us in Berlin at the following address:
Haubachstr. 6
10585 Berlin
Tel. 030 / 345 1233

Portrait Georg Stockhorst

Georg Stockhorst

born at
in Duisburg, Germany

About Georg Stockhorst

Study of astrology, hand line interpretation, Yoga, Vedanta and meditation since 1983 in India.
Studies with Srigurudatta ( Dog Baba) in Rishikesh, Swami Tatyananda Puri in sourth India and Chandrakandh Pandit in Maheshwar (Madhya Pradesh). Between 1986 und 1993 training in "Munich Rythmenlehre", psychological astrology Astromedicine und Astrological Homoeopathy with Wolfgang Doebereiner in Munich.
Training in Lightreading and the Hawaiian energybodymassage Lomi Lomi with Christel Lieber in Riede near Bremen.
Since 1988 development of the "Berlin system of astrological Geomancy". Since 1996 astrogeographical consultation and map production for projects within the range of gentle and ecological landscape conservation and reorganization. Inventor of the "Berlin system of astrological Geomancy".
Astrological activity since 1992, astrological consultation also in Spanish, French and German.