Astrological geomancy

How is my personal relationship to a particular country, a city or region? These are the questions, to which astrological Geomancy can give an answer.
       Geomancy is the research and investigation of earth energy: Energy fields, -sources, -currents or energy lines are phenomena, which can be tracked down by geomantic investigation. Astrological Geomancy examines the energetic conditions of earth zones.
An Astrological - geomantic analysis of the energetic features of a house or office or shop, a garden, a city or country is comparable to that practised in Feng-Shui.
Its aims are to recognize energy zones and energy lines in a given place. In a second step we define the effect that the particular energy of a place has on a person by comparing it to the birth chart of a person.
An example : if the energy in my bedroom is ruled by capricorn this can be very relaxing for a libra person but very stressful for a Gemini.
Thus the causes of energetic problems can be astrologically defined, explained and be solved.
      Basis for the astrological-geomantic consultation usually is the birth chart of the person, the land-owner, the company or the sales contract.

Order astrological maps of Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Vienna online

Order our new geomantic publications:

90x120 cm, handdrawn, unicolored,
shows the astrological constellations of all cities and regions in the astrological-geomantic coordinate system
Euro 24,-

2. Astrological-geomantic map of Mallorca
65x80 cm, handdrawn, unicolored,
shows the astrological constellations of all cities and localities in the astrological-geomantic coordinate system
Euro 21,-

3. Astrological-geomantic map of Berlin-Mitte
68x95 cm
Aerial photo with edition foil of the astrological-geomantic coordinate system shows the astrological allocations of all buildings in Berlin- Mitte, above all the new area of government administration, all historical buildings at the road 'Unter den Linden' as well as the new building projects at the Potsdamer Platz.
Euro 20,-

Part of the mp 'Berlin-Mitte

This study is indicative for the astrology of the new millenium. Our new publication is an astrological layout plan and shows for the first time the center of the new German capital with the districts Berlin - Mitte and Tiergarten in astrological indication organization. Our aerial photo map with integrated pictures of all new building projects of government buildings, message quarters and the complete area of the Potsdamer Platz offers a breath-robbing overview of the future city centre. Beside the new building projects an overview of the situation of all historical buildings at the road 'Unter den Linden' between Brandenburg Gate and Alexanderplatz, is given. For the astrologically interested reader this map is a true treasure of pictures of the former and future capital of Germany.

In preparation:
Geomantic maps of Teneriffa, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, France, Britain, USA, Netherlands.